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\(\require{cancel}\newcommand\degree[0]{^{\circ}} \newcommand\Ccancel[2][black]{\renewcommand\CancelColor{\color{#1}}\cancel{#2}} \newcommand{\alert}[1]{\boldsymbol{\color{magenta}{#1}}} \newcommand{\blert}[1]{\boldsymbol{\color{blue}{#1}}} \newcommand{\bluetext}[1]{\color{blue}{#1}} \delimitershortfall-1sp \newcommand\abs[1]{\left|#1\right|} \newcommand{\lt}{<} \newcommand{\gt}{>} \newcommand{\amp}{&} \)


allometric equations, Paragraph
ambiguous case, Caution
amplitude, Subsection
annual interest, Subsection
arc, Section
Arc length, Section
ascending powers, Paragraph
axis of symmetry, Paragraph
circumference, Section
closed interval, Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph
cofunctions, Subsection
complex numbers, Paragraph Paragraph
complex plane, Paragraph
compound inequality, Paragraph
compound interest, Subsection
Compounded Continuously, Paragraph
coterminal, Paragraph Subsection
cube root, Paragraph Subsection
cubic, Paragraph
decreasing, Subsection
degree, Subsection
dependent, Paragraph
descending powers, Paragraph
evaluating the function, Paragraph Paragraph
exponential decay, Paragraph Item Item
exponential equation, Paragraph
exponential growth, Paragraph Paragraph
factored form, Item
Generalized Pythagorean Theorem, Paragraph
half-closed, Item
half-open, Item
horizontal asymptote, Paragraph
horizontal line test, Paragraph Subsection
imaginary number, Subsection
increasing, Subsection
independent, Paragraph
inequality, Paragraph
inequality symbol, Paragraph
infinite intervals, Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph
inflection point, Paragraph
initial solutions, Example
initial value, Subsection
intercept, Paragraph
inverse function, Paragraph Subsection
inverse function notation, Subsection
inverse functions, Subsection Section
Invertible Function, Paragraph
laws of exponents, Section
lead coefficient, Section
linear growth, Paragraph
measure of an angle, Paragraph
midline, Subsection
modulus, Subsection
natural base, Paragraph
natural logarithm, Paragraph Subsection
negative angle, Note
nonstrict, Paragraph
parabola, Paragraph
parameters, Note
percent increase, Paragraph
period, Section
periodic function, Section
piecewise, Paragraph Paragraph
point-slope form, Paragraph
polar coordinates, Subsection
polynomial function, Section
power function, Subsection
power functions, Paragraph
Pythagorean Identity, Paragraph
quartic, Paragraph
radian, Subsection
rate of change, Subsection
slope-intercept form, Paragraph Paragraph
standard form, Item
standard position, Paragraph
strict inequalities, Paragraph
subscripts, Paragraph
The Logarithm, Section
transformations, Paragraph
translations, Paragraph
trigonometric identity, Subsection
two-parameter, Note
unit circle, Subsection
vertex, Paragraph
vertical asymptote, Subsection
word problems, Section