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Subsection2Features of the Text

Instructors and students alike will find several consistent features in the presentation, including:

Motivating Questions

At the start of each section, we list 23 motivating questions that provide motivation for why the following material is of interest to us. One goal of each section is to answer each of the motivating questions.


As much as possible, we strive to demonstrate key fundamental ideas visually, and to encourage students to do the same. Throughout the text, we use full-color1To keep cost low, the graphics in the print-on-demand version are in black and white. When the text itself refers to color in images, one needs to view the .html or .pdf electronically. graphics to exemplify and magnify key ideas, and to use this graphical perspective alongside both numerical and algebraic representations of calculus.

Summary of Key Ideas

Each section concludes with a summary of the key ideas encountered in the preceding section; this summary normally reflects responses to the motivating questions that began the section.