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We are especially thankful for the text Active Calculus. This text is heavily based upon Active Calculus and we have borrowed liberally from the text under the CC BY-SA 4.0 License.

Funding for the adaptation of Active Calculus to make Coordinated Calculus was provided by the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Department of Mathematics and the Mabel Elizabeth Kelly Fund to promote the improvement of teaching at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

In the original text on which this text is based, Active Calculus, Matthew Boelkins credits a number of individuals with significant contributions to the project. We also would like to note these individuals contributions to Active Calculus and hence our project Coordinated Calculus to this end we have included the original acknowledgments from Active Calculus here.

A large and growing number of people have generously contributed to the development or improvement of the text. Contributing authors David Austin and Steven Schlicker have each written drafts of at least one full chapter of the text. Production editor Mitchel Keller has been an indispensable source of technological support and editorial counsel.

The following contributing editors have offered feedback that includes information about typographical errors or suggestions to improve the exposition.

David Austin
Rene Ardila
Allan Bickle
David Clark
Will Dickinson
Charles Fortin
Champlain Regional College
St-Lambert, Quebec, Canada
Marcia Frobish
Patti Hunter
Westmont College
Mitchel Keller
Morningside College
Dave Kung
St. Mary's College of Maryland
Paul Latiolais
Portland State University
Hugh McGuire
Ray Rosentrater
Westmont College
Luis Sanjuan
Conservatorio Profesional de Musica de Avila
Steven Schlicker
Michael Shulman
University of San Diego
Brian Stanley
Foothill Community College
Amy Stone
Robert Talbert
Greg Thull
Sue Van Hattum
Contra Costa College
Kathy Yoshiwara
AIM Editorial Board